Automated product upload & update via Email

Bizuma offers 2 ways of automatic product upload and updates. 

  1. Email update

    - You can now upload and update your products by sending us an email containing your product data and our system will use the data in the file to update your products.  
    - To set this up you will have to do a once off file mapping, which means you will have to match your file's headers with our system.  
    - To do this you will need to copy and paste the relevant headers from your file into the identical field in our system.

    For example
    In your product file, the header for the title might be called Title, but in the Bizuma system, it is called Product Title. By mapping your headers you will tell our system to use your Title column as the Product Title in the Bizuma system. 
    You can map your file on this page.

    Once your file has been mapped you can start sending your email with the product file attached.    
    You will need to follow these steps when sending the product file:

    • Specify the "from" email address from where you will be sending your product file. This can be set on this page in the System email address field as shown in image below
    • The email subject must be "stock updates"
    • Send the  email  to
  2. API integration

    An API integration allows systems to communicate with each other, which in effect means that you can send your product data from your platform directly into Bizuma via a secure system.
    That will mean that once you've set up the API integration that you will only have to update product data on your platform and changes will be automatically pushed into the Bizuma platform. 
    To set up an API integration you can download the PDF file and generate the API Key from the UI on this page.

If you need help setting up any of the above please contact our support team on and we'll be happy to assist. 

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