What is product restriction rules?

Restriction rules allow you to restrict the sale of some or all of your products to certain countries. 

For example: 
If you're based in Europe and you sell electrical items. You might want to exclude the sale of products in this category to the United States due to different wall plugs and voltage.

To set up new restriction rules simply navigate to Settings ->  Product Settings & Rules

From this page simply click on the CREATE NEW button in the top righthand corner. 

  1. First things first, Give your rule a name so that you can quickly identify it the next time you need to come back and edit the rule.
  2. Follow the quick 5 Step process to set up your rule. See the image below as an example.
    • Step 1
      Select whether you would like to apply this rule to one or multiple countries, categories or products.

    • Step 2
      You will now be able to select one or multiple values from the selection in step 1.
    • Step 3
      Now specify whether you wish to sell or not to sell the items selected in step 2.
    • Step 4
      If in Step 1 you selected either products or categories then you will need to select countries in step 4
    • Step 5
      Select the countries where you would wish to sell or wish not to sell.

    • Once you've saved your rules you can drag and drop them in order to prioritise them. Rules are executed from the bottom, so the top rules will override or take priority over those down in the order.

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