What are minimum order rules?

You can create minimum order rules if you want to set the minimum order price or minimum unit quantity per order.
E.g you might run a promotion on a product but buyers need to order a minimum of 50 units. 

To set up a minimum order Quantity or Price simply click on Products Settings & Rules in the settings section. 
If you're already logged in you can click  HERE

Next, you will need to click on the MINIMUM ORDER RULES tab

To create a new rule click on the CREATE NEW button and you will be prompted with a screen where you can create the rule by following 5 steps.

  1. First, you will have to set a rule name
  2. Step 1
    Select whether you are setting this rule to a specific product, category or all products
  3. Step 2
    Depending on your selection in step 1 the user will be able to select the relevant category or product for this rule
  4. Step 3
    Select whether you are restricting minimum amount or quantity
  5. Step 4
    Choose the minimum value
  6. Step 5
    Add an expiry date for this rule - This is not required and can be left blank but could come in handy when you are running a promotion that has an expiry date. 

See example below. 

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