I’ve received an order, what do I do next?

STEP 1: Order Details

Check the order details to confirm that you will be able to fulfil the order.
If for any reason you will not be able to fulfil the order please contact Bizuma as soon as possible.

STEP 2: Shipping method

Pay attention to the shipping method selected. Buyers can select to arrange their own shipping or use Bizuma's shipping partner.
If a buyer selected to use their own shipping it will display in the order section under shipping. Please double check that the pickup address is correct.

STEP 3: Add pickup address

You can add pickup address by selecting the blue "add pickup address" shortcut. You can also go to the action menu and select "Update shipping info"

Make sure that you are aware of the collection date as the buyers will arrange collection for this date. 

STEP 4: Ready to ship

Once the order has been picked & packed, go into the order and mark the order as "ready to ship". 

A pop-up screen will appear where you can double-check and confirm that the address and date are correct. Once you've confirmed this simply select "update status".

Once you have selected this the order status will change in the order screen to "ready to ship".

STEP 5: Confirm order shipped

When the order has been collected you can finalize the order by confirming that it has shipped via the action menu.

You have the option to "confirm without tracking" or to upload tracking information or documents to confirm the shipment.

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