How do I request to cancel an order?

Order cancellations can happen for a variety of reasons. A user could make the wrong order or the user may realise that they have made an error with regards to the price or the quantity of stock available. Order cancellations or erroneous information can severely inconvenience other members and this may lead to a user receiving a strike on their account if the mistake was avoidable. Three strikes on an account will lead to restricted access and penalties. It is important to immediately contact Bizuma and cancel the order when an error is made. The sooner this is done, the easier it will be to avoid a strike or inconvenience fellow users. 

Cancel the Order

The user must immediately request to cancel the order that they have made. This will send a request to the support staff to cancel the order. A request for cancellation will be noted on the user's record.

Contact Support

If the user made an error and they need to cancel an order, they must contact Bizuma. The user needs to contact a member of the support staff or their account manager as soon as possible. The support widget in the User Interface is an easy way to contact the support staff. 

Alternatively, you could send us an email to

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