What is a Large Quantity Order?

Found your ideal product, but it is low or even out of stock? 

We introduced a feature called LQO or Large Quantity Orders that allows the buyer to request a large volume order.

Our sellers only display the number of products that they currently have in stock but they might have an incoming backorder or products on the manufacturing line to be delivered soon.
Buyers can, therefore, send the Seller an LQO. Although all our users have to be verified we had to take extra measures to avoid buyers sending the sellers many LQO without the intention to buy. We have, therefore, made LQO a legally binding order, which means if the seller accepts the LQO the buyer will be legally required to complete the order. 

The Buyer can indicate the quantity required, the date they require this quantity and add additional notes or requests relevant to the large quantity order. 

A seller has 2 working days to respond to the enquiry, although we highly encourage the seller to respond as soon as possible. 

If a seller does not respond to the enquiry within the given timeframe or if the seller declines the LQO, a notification will be sent to Bizuma's sales team who will jump in to source the required product from alternative suppliers. 

The options available to the seller when they've received an LQO are:

  1. Accept - the buyer will be notified and can then complete the order via their dashboard. 
  2. Counteroffer - the seller, who might not be able to fulfil certain parts of the agreement, can make a counteroffer. When the seller makes a counteroffer, the order is no longer legally binding as the original request has changed. The buyer will then get a notification and can, in turn, accept or decline the counteroffer. 
  3. Decline - the seller will decline the order if they are unable to fulfil the order. When the seller declines the LQO, Bizuma will be notified and our dedicated sales team will jump in to source the product from an alternative supplier. 

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