I received my order but I’m not happy with the quality of the product/s

Raise a Dispute

Once a user has received their order and they are not happy with the quality of their products, they must get in contact with Bizuma to raise a dispute as soon as possible. In order to raise a dispute, a user can follow these steps. These will allow users to notify Bizuma support staff immediately. It is important that this is done within 48 hours of receiving an order as the funds are released to the seller after this time has elapsed. 

Order List

The user can search for the order in their order list. If the order status is "shipped", the user will be able to raise a dispute. The buyer can select the drop-down menu on the order and select "Raise dispute".

A pop-up will appear where the buyer can enter their name, email address and information regarding the dispute. The user should fill in as many details as possible and also attach extra documents such as photos of the products to back-up their dispute.  

Contact Bizuma Support

Users can additionally contact us via the support widget in the user interface. The user needs to contact Bizuma as soon as possible to ensure that the funds are not released to the seller until the dispute has been resolved. 

It is important that the buyer notifies Bizuma within 2 days of receipt of their order as Bizuma will release funds to the seller after 2 days of confirmation that the order was delivered. 

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