Single product upload

To upload a single product navigate to Products ->  Add a productFrom this page, you can add all the product information. 
Please note, there are only a few required fields but we suggest that you add as much information as possible. The more information you add the better the visibility will be for your product.

Required product fields:

  • Title
  • Price
  • Image
  • Stock Quantity 
  • VAT
  • Handling time

Adding images

To add an image click on the plus + icon under the image section and you will see a screen appear from where you can add images in multiple ways. 

  1. Browse and attach - Click on browse to locate the image from your computer's drive. Click open to attach the file. This method only works for single images. 
  2. Download from URL - If you're hosting the images on your own hosting you can copy and paste the URL of the image into this field and then click on the download from URL button. The image will then be downloaded onto the Bizuma server. Only one image can be downloaded at a time.
  3. Drag and Drop - Here you can select one or multiple images from your computer's drive and simply drag & drop it into the Drag & Drop box.

Note: When uploading images do not forget to click the UPLOAD button for your images to be uploaded. After you've selected upload you will be navigated back to the product panel on the right of your screen. Here you need to select SAVE PRODUCT. A message will appear at the top of your screen confirming that your product has been successfully updated. 

Product Categories: 

Selecting a product category is crucially important for your product's visibility. 
To select a category simply search for the most relevant keyword in the search bar. 

For example 
If you're creating a listing for a pair of shoes, search for the keyword shoe/s and you will see a selection of categories appear.
Select the most relevant category. 

Once you're finished adding the product information simply hit SAVE PRODUCT and your product listing will be created.

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