Multiple products upload

To upload multiple products navigate to Products ->  Add multiple products

On this page, you will see the  4 steps to complete in order to upload multiple products

  1. Download the instruction guide. This guide will explain the data fields and types of data to be added to your product file. 
  2. Download the product template file.
    You will now need to populate this file with your product data. You will not be required to fill in all the fields as only some are required to successfully upload your products. See the file downloaded in step 1 above to refer to required fields. 
  3. Step 3 requires you to specify whether product prices in your file is inclusive or exclusive of VAT. 
    If your prices are inclusive of VAT, you'll need to specify the percentage of VAT
  4. Once you've completed the necessary steps above you can upload your file and click VALIDATE
  • If there are any errors in the file you uploaded you will receive an error notification and you'll be able to view and download the errors.
    You will need to fix these errors before it will pass validation.
  • If no errors are found in your file it will pass validation and automatically upload all the products.    

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