Change your company information

A user can change their company information by going to Settings ->  Company Information

On this page, they can change their company information and click Save when they're done. 

The following information can be changed or added in the Company Information section.

Business Information

In this section, the user can fill in their business information, VAT information and company details.

Contact Information

Contact Information is very important to gain access to an account if a user misplaces their password. It is also important in case of an emergency regarding an order or product.


Addresses are used when paying (at checkout), shipping and adding payment options. It is important that all addresses are kept up to date in this section.

Market Information

Market Information is important as this section will help to tailor the user's marketplace experience. The "deals for you" tab in the marketplace and other aspects of the platform are tailored with the categories selected here. 

Company Verification 

This is the section where the user will submit their company information for verification. Verified users have access to more features on the Bizuma platform and can access the marketplace. Users can also select to display products to verified members only (blackout mode).

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