Add and edit my addresses

How to manage your addresses

To add or edit the company's addresses go to the Company Information page under settings. 

On this page, the user will see a section "SAVED ADDRESSES" where they can add, edit and delete their addresses.

Edit New Adress

To manage and edit new addresses the user can select the drop-down menu under "Select saved address". This dropdown will contain all the saved addresses in the user's account.

The user can select the address that they wish to edit and then select the "edit" button to do so. After an address has been edited, the user can simply select to save the changes.

Adding a new address

A user can add a new address to their account by selecting the "Add Address" button in the "Saved Addresses" section in the Company Information tab.

After they've selected this, a popup will appear, allowing them to add a new address. 

Users can choose which type of address this would function as. Many companies have multiple addresses for billing, storing, transporting or manufacturing purposes.

Deleting an address

In order to delete an address, the user can select the address that they wish to delete. Then they can select the "Delete" button.

A pop-up will appear to confirm that the user wishes to continue. The user needs to confirm that they are deleting the correct address. If the wrong address was deleted the user can simply add the address again using "Add New Address".

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