Changing from Go Big to Free Get Started account

Downgrading your subscription

You can change from the Go Big plan to the Get Started or Move Up plan by going to this page.

Decide which plan you wish to downgrade to and then select the "Contact Us" button

Once you have sent us a message with your downgrade request, Bizuma will downgrade your account subscription. You will receive an email once your downgrade was successful and you will be able to view which subscription you are currently on at the top of this page.

Please note:

When you move from the Go Big Plan to the Get Started Plan we require at least 5 days notice before your next billing cycle. If you notify us 5 days or more before your bill is due to arrive the changes will take effect on your next billing cycle. If you notify us within 5 days of the due date of your bill the change of plans will only take effect on the billing cycle after the next one.

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