Quick start for sellers

Welcome to Bizuma!

Bizuma enables you to sell your wholesale products on a secure platform with thousands of carefully selected buyers. Once you've signed up to the Bizuma system you will have access to your account dashboard but limited access to the rest of the platform until you've followed the necessary steps. Bizuma is a super secure marketplace with thousands of products from verified buyers and sellers in over 50 countries. In order to have the best experience on the Bizuma platform, here's what to do once you've signed up in three easy steps. 

Let's get the basics out of the way in this quick start article.

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Five steps to get you on your way.

1. Getting verified

To get your company verified you can simply go to the Company Information page and upload the three required documents. You will get a notification once your company has been verified.

Required documents

  • Company Registration document
  • Utility Bill
  • Identity document of Account Holder

You can upload documents on this page.

2. Upload products

Now that your company has been verified, let's look at how to upload your products.
You have three methods to upload your products

  • Single Product upload- When adding a single product you'll only be required to fill in the bare minimum required fields, although we strongly recommend that you fill in as much information as possible to give your products the best visibility. Click  HERE to add a single product now.   
  • Multiple products upload via file upload

    - To upload product via an excel file you simply have to follow the four steps on this page.
    You'll have to map your products to the template file and specify whether VAT has been included or not. Then click Validate. If the upload was successful your products will be uploaded straight away and if any errors are found you will be able to view and download the error file.

  • Email uploader

    - Our email uploader allows you to either upload or update your product by simply sending us an email. 
    You will have to follow the instructions on this page, then simply send your email to update@bizuma.com and make your email header "stock updates" (all lower case). 

3. Set product rules

Do you have minimum order rules or restriction rules that restrict sales to certain territories and do you offer logistics for your orders?
Why not head over to our product settings & rules page to set these rules. 

  • Minimum Order rules allow you to specify whether you allow orders below a certain amount or quantity.
    Find out more  HERE .
  • With a Restriction rule, you can limit the sales of products or categories to certain countries. 
    Find out more  HERE .
  • As most sellers, you will probably have relationships with shipping providers. Using our Shipping rules you can now set up your shipping fees and territorial limit. This will allow buyers to make use of your shipping facilities. 
    Find out more  HERE .4. Primary Phone Number and Shipping address

Once you've added verification documents, you can go to the "primary phone number" area in Settings >> Company Information. 

Here you will be able to add the primary phone number of your company. 

You can also add a shipping address to your account by selecting "Add address" from the "Saved Addresses" section in Settings >> Company Information. If you buy products or want to add a payment method, you will need to have an address confirmed. 

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