Verification Documents

Bizuma is a super secure B2B marketplace and in order to maintain our high standards, we require our users to upload three documents to verify their authenticity. Each document is reviewed and authenticated by a dedicated team before a client is approved for verification. This is one of many steps we have taken to ensure that users can safely navigate our online marketplace. 

Users will not be able to access the marketplace if their account has not been verified.

Bizuma will work closely with large enterprises to allow for greater flexibility and a smooth onboarding process. 

Users can upload company verification documents by going to Settings >> Company Information in their Dashboard.

Required Documents

A section on the right-hand side of this tab will require users to upload three verification documents.

  • Company Registration Document
  • Utility Bill
  • Identity Document of the Account holder

1. Company Registration Document

The company registration document will differ depending on the country and state the user is from. Company Registration documents have the company registration number, the name of the owner/stakeholders, date of registration, company address and also a government stamp. This document allows us to verify that the company is legitimate.

2. Utility Bill

The utility bill has to be a recent bill that was paid at the address the company is registered at. This bill should preferably be less than three months old and should include the company address and information.

3. ID document of the account holder

The ID document is used to verify the user's identity and is used as an added step to ascertain the validity of the account and organisation. The ID document should have the user's identification number, name, age and a photo.  

Once these documents have been uploaded a Bizuma team will evaluate the documents and either verify the user's account or inform them if we require any additional documents and information. 

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