Requesting Data (GDPR)

Data Portability

As our client, your privacy matters to us and we will always be completely transparent on the data that we store. Our servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services who offer a fully GDPR compliant echo system.

Bizuma has introduced features to allow our clients to access their data that is stored by us. Clients can request a copy of their data from the GDPR section in Settings >> All Settings.

Clients can follow this process to request a copy of their Bizuma data. First, they must sign in to their account at Bizuma:

STEP 1: Settings >> All Settings

Go to "Settings" and then select "All Settings" in the menu bar.

STEP 2: Select "GDPR" 

Navigate to the "Company Information" panel and select "GDPR"

STEP 3: Data Portability

The user will now see the Data Portability Option at the top of the GDPR section. They can select "Request Data" 

STEP 4: Request Data

After the user has selected "Request Data", a pop-up will inform them that their request is being processed and, once it is ready, it will be sent to the account holder's email.

STEP 5: Email

The client will receive an email from Bizuma with the records of personal information attached to it.

If the client is unable to follow this process or if they did not receive the requested information they can contact Bizuma Support at: or they can simply select the support button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

This will allow the user to send a message to Bizuma.

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