Deleting your account

How to delete your account

Bizuma has introduced a feature to allow our clients to delete their account. Clients can request to delete their account, and all information connected to their account, from the Bizuma system.

In order to delete their account, a client must sign in to their account at Bizuma and follow these steps. 

STEP 1: Settings >> All Settings

The client can navigate to "Settings" and select "All Settings" from the menu bar.

STEP 2: Company Information >> GDPR

The user can then got to the "Company Information" panel and select "GDPR"

STEP 3: Deleting your account

The client will then see two options. The first option will allow them to request a copy of their Bizuma data. The second option will allow them to delete their account.

Important Note: Please keep in mind that you will not be able to reactivate your account or retrieve any of the content or information you have added.


Select the "DELETE ACCOUNT" button. The user will not be able to reactivate their account or retrieve any of the content they added once this has been selected.

STEP 5: Confirm the pop-up

A pop-up will appear to warn the user that this action can not be undone. The checkbox has to be filled before confirming the action by selecting "delete".

STEP 6: Confirmed

A bar will appear at the top of the window. This will confirm that the user's request is now being processed. Once completed the confirmation will be sent to the email connected to the user's account at Bizuma.

STEP 7: Email

Once the user's request has been processed they will receive an email to confirm that their account has been permanently deleted. We aim to respond as soon as possible but it will not be longer than 30 days. If the user has an open order on their account, these orders will have to be resolved before the request can be processed.

If the client is unable to follow this process or if they did not receive the requested information within 30 days they can contact Bizuma Support  at: or they can simply select the support button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

This will allow the user to send a message to Bizuma.

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