Basic Information

The first tab that users will see when adding a single product is the "Basic Information" tab. The tab contains all the sections with general product information. These sections can either be filled in or selected from a drop-down menu. Required fields are noted with a pink asterisk. Other fields are not compulsory but products are more visible in the marketplace when more information is filled in so users are encouraged to fill in as much information on their products as possible.

There are 8 fields in the "Basic Information" tab of which only one is compulsory. 

Product Title

The product title is the only compulsory field. The title of the product should be short and describe exactly what the product is. When deciding on a title, keep in mind what buyers will type into the search bar in order to search for this product. This title will appear underneath the product image in the marketplace.

Model Number

The model number is the number given to an item to identify it from similar products or similarly named products. It can be a combination of letters and numbers and it is usually allocated by the manufacturer of the product. Model numbers help identify a specific product within a range, especially if that range has the same name but different release dates. It appears underneath the Product Title in the marketplace. 

Product Description

The product description is the lengthy and detailed description of a product. A product description usually consists of several sentences detailing the product being sold and any information that is relevant or important. Product descriptions appear in the marketplace and will be used by buyers to compare one product with another.


The "Brand" section consists of a drop-down menu with popular brand names. If the product that a user is selling falls under a specific brand, they can select it from this menu. 

Product ID

The product ID is a section where the product's identification marker can be filled in. This includes EAN, ISBN, BAR or UPC codes. A product ID is necessary to identify a product when it is being shipped.


The stock keeping unit is a unique identifier which is used to keep track of stock and for internal operations. It is a unique identifier specified by the seller for each product line. 


The "Condition" field is a drop-down menu which consists of "new", "refurbished" and "used" fields. The new field indicates a new product. The used field indicates a product that has been used or opened by a consumer and is available to be resold. Refurbished is for any item that has previously been repaired. 


The notes section is for additional information with regards to the condition of the product. In this section notes can be added as to why the product was classified as "used" or "refurbished". Additional notes can also be added in this section.

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