Price and Stock

The third tab that users will see when adding a single product is the "Price & Stock" tab. The tab contains all the sections with stock or price related information. These sections can either be filled in or selected from a drop-down menu. Required fields are noted with a pink asterisk. Other fields are not compulsory but products are more visible in the marketplace when more information is filled in so users are encouraged to fill in as much information on their products as possible.

The Price & Stock tab has 11 fields to fill in of which four are compulsory. 

Price: (compulsory) 

The price of the product is a required field. This is the price which the user wishes to sell the product for. The currency unit is indicated to the right of this field. The currency cannot be changed by the user and is chosen when signing up to Bizuma.

VAT: (compulsory)

The VAT is the Value Added Tax on a product. VAT rates are different in various countries which is why they are usually excluded in the B2B marketplace. The total price of a shipment when bought will, for the most part, exclude VAT and VAT will be added depending on the country it is shipped to. If a user chooses to exclude VAT they can move on to the next section. If VAT is included they can indicate the percentage in the VAT % field.

(VAT %): (compulsory if VAT is included)

This field is compulsory when VAT is "included" on products. When VAT is included, the percentage of VAT must be specified in this section.

Quantity in Stock: (compulsory)

The Quantity in Stock is the number of products that are available to be sold. This number must be accurate and must be continually updated to reflect when new stock is manufactured or arrives. 

Limited Stock:

This field is where the user can indicate that a number of products are end-of-range and that limited or limited edition stock is available of this product. 

Start Selling Date:

The start selling date is the date that the user wishes for the products to be sold from. This can be the date that the product is uploaded to the system or a later date in the year.  

Handling Time: (compulsory)

The handling time is the time it takes for these products to be picked and packed. This is the time from when the order is placed until the products are ready to be shipped. There are two fields to be filled in from drop-down menus. The first field is a number from 1-12. The second field is a time unit, either "days", "weeks" or "months" must be chosen.

Sale Price:

The price of the product when it goes on sale. This can be selected for certain holidays or events in which the product is likely to be in demand.

Discount Percentage:

The discount percentage is the percentage that the product is discounted for. 

Sale Expiry Date:

The sale expiry date is the date on which the sale expires. This date can be typed into the field or selected from a pop-up calendar menu.

Minimum Order Quantity:

The Minimum Order Quantity is the minimum number of products that can be ordered of this product.

Add Sale Rule:

Users can also select this button to add a SALE Rule.

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