The fourth tab that users will see when adding a single product is the "Images" tab. The tab contains the field for adding images. This section can be submitted in several different ways. As this is a required field it has a pink asterisk. The user can submit as many images as they wish to. After the product has been saved they can also re-arrange images in the order in which they wish them to appear in the marketplace.

There is only one field in this section with an instruction to select the "plus" sign to upload an image.

When the user selects the plus sign they will see three different methods that they can use to upload an image onto the system. 


The Browse section allows users to browse their desktop for images to upload. The user can select the drive where the image is stored, select the correct image in the drive and then choose the "open" action button in the bottom right corner. The image will be uploaded.

Download from URL:

The user can also choose an image URL. The image URL is inserted into the URL field and then the user can select "download from URL". The image will then be uploaded onto the system.

Drop files here to upload:

The drop files here to upload section is where multiple image files can be dragged and dropped. When the black bar is full it means the image is finished uploading. This should only take a few seconds depending on the size of the image and the number of images being uploaded.

Images to upload:

On the right-hand side the "Images to upload" will appear. This will give the user the opportunity to glance at the thumbnails and look at which images they are uploading. Images that are not needed can be removed by selecting the "trash" sign at the top right corner of the image.


Once the user is satisfied with the selected images they can select "upload" and the images will be uploaded onto the system.

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