The fifth tab that users will see when adding a single product is the "Category" tab. The tab contains the section where the category is filled in. This section can either be filled in or selected from a category menu. This is not a compulsory field but entering this information as accurately as possible will help the product to be more visible in the marketplace. This field will help products to be sorted in the correct category and will also help products to be matched with "similar products".

There are two ways in which the user can select a category. The first is a search menu and the second is a category menu.

Search menu:

In the search menu, the user can simply type in the type of product which they wish to categorize. In this example, the word "kettle" was used.

The user can then select "search" or press "enter". The system will then throw out various options which contain the search phrase. 

One of these which most suites the item that the user is selling, can then be selected. Once it is selected the nodes will appear at the top of the tab under "selected categories".

The user can then select "save product" once all other required fields are filled in.

Category menu:

The category menu is a menu with various categories on it which can be selected. 

Once a category is selected, another opens up and a more specific category can be chosen until the most specific category has been identified. 

The user can look at the final category under "selected categories" and then select "save product" once all other required information has been filled in.

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