Certificates, SEO & Adwords

The sixth and seventh tabs that users will see when adding a single product are the "certificates" and "SEO & Adwords" tab. These tabs contain a section where a safety certificate can be uploaded and a section for SEO & Adwords. The fields are not compulsory but products are more visible in the marketplace when more information is filled in so users are encouraged to fill in as much information on their products as possible.


Certificates can be uploaded by selecting the plus sign. 

After they have selected the plus sign they can upload a certificate by browsing on their desktop or dropping multiple images/files into the box section with the words "Drop files here to upload".

Safety Certificates are required for certain products such as for example, a baby safety seat for cars. These products have to be tested by certain organisations in certain countries which then award the manufacturer a safety certificate. These certificates are important in case of a complaint about a product.

SEO & Adwords:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Adwords can be added in this section. These words should be separated by commas and describe the product that you are selling. This will increase visibility when the product is being advertised. 


Adwords Grouping: 

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