Responding to a LQO

When a seller receives a Large Quantity Order request they will immediately be notified of this. Large Quantity Order requests are requests for a larger amount of products than a person has in stock, or for an earlier delivery date for a product that is in stock. Often, these orders are very large and a seller should action it within 48 hours. 

There are three ways in which a seller can action a Large Quantity Order. The seller can accept the order once they have carefully looked at the date and quantity of the shipment. The seller can decline the order if they have insufficient stock or they are unable to meet the required deadline. They can also make a counteroffer. 

Accept Order:

If a Large Quantity Order is accepted then the order status will change to "Order accepted". The buyer will then pay for the order via wire transfer and the order will proceed. 

Decline Order:

If a Large Quantity Order is declined then the seller can choose to give feedback on why the order is being declined. The seller can also choose to decline the order without giving feedback. 

Once the order is declined, the buyer will be notified and the order will be registered as declined. No further action will be required.

Make Counter Offer:

The seller will also have the option to make a counteroffer. The seller can provide the quantity that they are able to supply, the unit cost (they can lower the price if they wish), supply date and also add additional notes. The buyer will then receive this counteroffer and then decide whether they wish to proceed with the order. 

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