Saving products in the marketplace

The user can save different products in the marketplace. These products can then be found in the "saved" tab and can be viewed or bought at a later stage. This is a great way to save products that are frequently bought in order to find them easily. This can also be used as a reminder for items that are on sale or that can be bought at a later stage.

The user must first go to the marketplace by using the marketplace tab.

Once in the marketplace, the user can look at the products that they wish to buy or simply look at for a later project.

At the top right-hand corner of each product, there is a heart icon. If a user wants to save a product for viewing or buying at a later stage then they can simply select the heart icon. 

Once the heart icon has been selected, the heart will become filled to indicate that the product has been added to the saved products tab.

A pop-up bar will also appear at the top of the screen, indicating that the product has been saved.

If a user wishes to remove a product from the "saved product" section they can simply select the heart icon again and another pop-up will appear informing them that the product is now no longer in the saved section.

In order to see all saved products, the user can select the "saved products" tab. This will show the user all the products that they have previously saved. 

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