Changing the order of images

Re-ordering images 

Images can be rearranged in the client dashboard. This means that the seller can arrange in which order the images will appear in the marketplace and which image will be used as a thumbnail when viewing the product. In order to change the order in which the images appear, the user can follow some very easy steps.

Step 1: Product List

The user can go to the product section in their user dashboard and select "all products".

Step 2: Select Product

The user can select the product that they wish to edit or choose "edit" from the drop-down menu in order to make changes to their product.

Step 3: Images

The user can now go the images tab and view the images that have been uploaded. The image that is on the left-hand side of the screen and appears first in the order will also appear first in the marketplace.

Step 4: Re-arrange

Images can now be arranged in the order that the user wishes by dragging and dropping the images in the desired sequence and selecting the "save product" button.

Step 5: View product

The correct image should now appear in the thumbnail in the "product list" screen in the user dashboard.

This will indicate what the product looks like when appearing in the marketplace as well.

If a user has any issues with their products or arranging the images of their products they can contact Bizuma support for assistance.

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