Account Suspended

What to do when your account is disabled?

The Bizuma marketplace is a safe and secure transaction platform. This is why Bizuma has a strike system to ensure and maintain this environment for our users. The Bizuma strike system is implemented when a user violates a rule on the platform. The rules ensure that no user inconveniences other users on the platform. 

A user will receive a strike when they violate a rule. They will also be sent a warning and a description as to why they have received a strike on their account. Once a user receives three strikes they will be no longer be able to access certain key features on their account. 

The user will receive an email stating that they have been suspended.

If the user attempts to log in to their account they will see the following pop-up appear.

If a user's account is placed under review, the user can contact the Bizuma support. Bizuma will contact the user and if a strike was wrongfully added to their account, it will be removed. When contacting support, the user must ensure that they have gathered all relevant information on past strikes and when the strikes were administered to their account. Bizuma will work with users to make sure they understand the violations and how to avoid this going forward. 

If your account has been suspended please send us an email to

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