Someone has access to my account

What to do when you see unfamiliar activity on your account

If you notice any of the following occurring on your account, this might mean that someone has unauthorised access to your account:

  • Your password is not working
  • Orders have been made which you have no recollection of
  • New products have been uploaded or products have been deleted
  • Additional users have been added without your permission
  • Changes have been made to your information, prices or open orders

If you suspect that someone has unauthorised access to your account, please contact the Bizuma support team immediately. The team will assist you to get your account back and they will also help to cancel any unauthorised activity that happened on your account.

Note: No users will be able to access your payment information but purchases can be made if someone has access to your account. It is thus very important to contact Bizuma as soon as possible so that we can stop any user from making purchases on your account.

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