Change Additional User Information

How to change the information on an additional user

Additional users can be added in Settings. These users can have either Standard or Administrative access to an account.
Admin users have access to all features on an account. 
Standard users will have access to most features on the dashboard but will not be able to access Account & Billing, Company Information, Notification settings or User Management. Additional users are useful for managing products or orders. Many companies assign staff members to manage their accounts.

Additional users can be accessed in "User Management"

New users can be added on this page.

Existing users can be edited, deactivated or deleted on this page as well.

If the account owner or an admin user selects "edit user", they will be able to change the personal information and password of the additional user. They can also edit the contact information of an additional user and change the role (admin or standard) of a user to restrict or grant more access. 

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