Shipping options

Bizuma makes it easy to reach verified & vetted buyers and sellers in over 50 countries, all on 1 secure, private platform.  If you're looking to expand beyond your region but do not have this shipping structure to do so, Bizuma can help you with this as buyers have various shipping options available to them. 

1. Seller shipping

As a Seller, you might already have a shipping provider with your own shipping structure in place. Read this article to understand how to set this up in Bizuma. 

2. Self-shipping

Some buyers might have a preferred shipping partner with whom they already work with. Bizuma's system, therefore, allows Buyers to select the self-shipping option at checkout.
Once you as the seller have received the order you can confirm the pickup location and the estimated handling time to the buyer. The buyer can then start arranging their shipping. 
Once the order was picked and packed you can notify the buyer in order for them to collect. 
See this article for more information.

3. Bizuma Shipping

Bizuma has various shipping options available to buyers. 

3.1 Bizuma has integrated with various shipping providers and depending on the quantity of the order and the ship from and to addresses, Bizuma will display shipping options to the buyer at checkout. 

3.2 Request a shipping quote. We have partnerships with global shipping companies at preferential rates. We can offer the best rates for shipments of any size to all over the world. Contact support to arrange a shipping quote. 

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