Blackout mode

We want our clients to have complete control over their products, with blackout mode your products will only be visible to verified and vetted buyers we select, and you approve.  Just another way Bizuma is giving you complete control over your products.

We understand that you want to protect your product and brand. Bizuma‚Äôs buyers are very carefully vetted and monitored. This stringent verification process provides sellers with ease of mind that they will have access to only the top buyers. 

Here are a few scenarios where some of our clients have applied the blackout mode. 

1. One of our clients sells medical drugs and applied the blackout mode to make sure that their products are not sold to any unauthorised buyers who might not have the relevant medical licenses. 
Bizuma worked with the client on an approval process for buyers that match the client's requirements. 
The client was happy to approve all buyers that qualified according to their policies and access to the seller's products was granted to these vetted buyers only. 

2. Another client, selling a Furniture range, opted for the Blackout mode as they wanted strict control over their products. The client wanted to make sure they are in full control of who is distributing their products in specific regions across the world in order for them to stay in control of their brand and reputation. 
Bizuma's dedicated business development team is working closely with this client in order to identify and recommend specific buyers that were successfully vetted. The client is in full control of which buyers are approved and removed from their product listings. 

3. One of our clients in the USA selling electronics applied the blackout mode as they wanted to restrict their sales to certain countries. This is due to the specific voltage and wall plugs used on their products. Only vetted buyers from the specified countries are able to access and purchase products from this seller.


Firstly, you'll have to go to your company information page and tick the box next to Only display products to selected verified members. This will stop your products from being displayed to all buyers on the marketplace. 

The next step is to contact our business development team who will then work with you on a verification and approval process. 
You can contact them on

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