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Sending a message to Bizuma support

In the bottom right-hand corner of the Bizuma Dashboard and Marketplace, you will find a support Icon. This icon will always display on the Bizuma platform, regardless of which page or section you are on.

When you select this icon, a "send a message" pop-up will appear.

In the first field, you can enter your full name. This is necessary in order to know who sent the message and who to respond to, as there may be additional users on an account.

The second field requires your email address.

The third field is a drop-down menu where you can select which department the message should be sent to. The "Accounts" selection will send the message to the Accounts department, "Sales" is for a sales related query, "Technical support" is for a technical problem with the site. "Dispute" is for lodging a complaint regarding an order. "Other" is for a message that does not fit into any of the previously mentioned departments.

You can now type the message you want to send into the message box.

If you need to attach a screenshot or additional information, you can do so by selecting "Attach a file".

You then have to select this CAPTCHA box for security purposes

Now simply select "Send message" and your message will be sent to the correct department.

Additionally, you can contact Bizuma via

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